This is Why We Do This!
  • Purse Recipient
    I would just like to thank you very very much for the purse and lovely gifts!!! Just what I needed that I can use right away, I cannot express enough my gratitude for your acts of kindness.
  • Purse Recipient
    I am writing to you to let know I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the purse I got from you. It is very beautiful and it made me smile and has brought joy to me more than you know. I love all the stuff inside the purse - as well it is everything I needed.

  •  Debra, Wendy, Susanne (YWCA Staff)
    On behalf of the Board of Directors, Staff, and most importantly the Clients at YWCA Durham, it is with great appreciation that we thank you for your incredibly generous donation of purses filled with gifts and treats. Please know that your donations really made a difference!
    Again, thank you to everyone involved with The Purse Project Network, for assisting us in providing much needed supports this Holiday Season and for being compassionate, community minded and for thinking of others in need.

  • Lianne - (Compassion Society Staff)
    Just wanted to let you know, that as was to be expected, the purses this year are making a lot of people very happy! The quality, the variety of styles and just the overwhelming reality that they get, and deserve, to take home a purse filled to the brim with items just for them? When most of these clients have no choice when dealing with limited budgets and resources, but to always put everyone else before them? You can imagine! Most walk away feeling lifted, and expressing genuine gratitude, reminding us of the very important thing we’re doing, and of course, how lucky we are for all that we have. So, thank you very much for continuing to support Compassion Society with your valuable, and unique program. We look forward to working with you every year, and truly appreciate your generosity.
  • Paula (This Is Your Home founder)
    We held a Christmas event for the families we support. It was an amazing time, full of happy families and grateful women with the purses they received. The faces of these women who received the purses were full of emotions. This was able to happen thanks to the kind contribution you gave to us and for allowing us to build special memories for them. - This Is Your Home
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