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The Purse Project Network (PPN).
If you don't find the answer here, please email us with your query.
  • Does my donated purse have to be brand new?
    NO -it doesn’t have to be new, HOWEVER, the purse must be “LIKE New”.
    • no obvious marks or scuffs,
    • no worn corners or straps,
    • no broken snaps or zippers,
    • no stains or dirty marks inside or out.
    These purses are meant to be GIFTS that give a sense of dignity to the women who receive them. We always tell people:

    “If you wouldn’t give the purse as a gift to your mother or best friend,

    then please don’t give it to us!!”

  • Does PPN ever accept just product donations?
    YES!   While we don’t publicly promote that we take product donations, we are always on the lookout for “extra items” that we can use to top up purses. Please email us if you have any products to donate!
  • Does PPN ever take donations of empty purses?
    YES! While we don’t often publicly promote that we take empty purses, we do like to stock up on extra purses that are in great condition. Unfortunately, during the Fall Campaign, we often receive purses that do not meet our high quality standards and so we have to swap out these less-than-acceptable purses with better quality ones. If you have empty purses to get rid of during the year, please email us.
  • Why do the products included in the purses have to be new?
    We want to bless the women who get the purses and provide them with a sense of dignity. We never want them to feel like they are getting our leftovers. Also for simple hygiene reasons, it is necessary that all donated items to be new.
  • Does PPN only do a Fall Collection Campaign or are there ever campaigns during the year?
    Our primary campaign that we promote publicly is always in the Fall - usually during the month of November.  However in the Spring, the Halton/Hamilton Chapter often does smaller donations to certain organizations that request purses at that time of year instead of at Christmas, or to those who do special events for Mothers Day. These donations are usually small purses that we can fill with more “pampering” items vs “essential” items - ie: journals, pens, chocolate, hand cream, nail polish, emery boards, perfume, etc. These Spring campaigns are not made public as it is only done in one of our Chapters and on a much smaller scale.
  • How do I find out if there is a PPN Chapter or group in my area?
    Check the "Chapter" menu item of our website. If there is no listing for your area, please email us.  We may have team members working on a smaller scale in your city or region that we can connect you to.
    OR we can help you start a Chapter if you are interested!
  • Can I get a Tax Receipt for donations I make to PPN?
    Unfortunately NO - we cannot give tax receipts as we are not an official Registered Charity. We did investigate becoming a Charity but realized the amount of work involved in doing so would mire us in paperwork and administration work and take us away from our focus of collecting purses to donate to women. So we decided to remain a simple “grass-roots” team of women supporting other women in practical ways and not become an official “Not-For-Profit”.
  • How is the PPN funded?
    We do our best to keep our expenses to a minimum as we are privately funded from a small group of people who help us cover our admin expenses. We also seek for and accept donations of products or services that would normally cost us money.
  • How does PPN select the organizations that purses are donated to?
    We are always on the lookout for local organizations that support women who are in any state of need. We don’t limit our donations to just shelters, but actually try to seek out newer, smaller or lesser-known organizations who serve women. The women may be: pregnant teens, indigenous, rescued from sex trafficking, refugees & new to Canada, low income. living on the street, single moms, living in transition homes, etc. As long as the organization is supporting women in some position of need, we will consider supporting them with purses.
    (Please see the lists of supported organizations provided under each Chapter on this website).
  • Is the PPN open to learning of new organizations to possibly support?
    YES!  Please let us know of any organizations you are aware of that we could consider supporting.
    (Please note that each Chapter tries to keep the organizations supported to those located within their specific geographical area.)
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