Our Mission
To fill a Woman's heart with hope by providing her with a donated purse filled with personal care items and a Card of Blessing

Our Values
Quality over Quantity
​We would rather give out fewer fabulous purses than a larger number of less-than-great purses

Building relationships with our organizations, ambassadors & volunteers is of utmost importance in all we do - people matter more than purses

All our efforts are flexible to meet the unique & specific needs of the organizations we donate to

Our Focus
The primary focus of The Purse Project Network will always be the annual fall campaign to collect top quality new or gently used purses filled with new personal care items and a Card of Blessing.

These purses are then donated to various local organizations that distribute them to the women they serve at Christmas time.

We are excited to observe the impact and ripple effects of this Project as it continues to expand and bless more & more women in need in a growing number of communities.
Our Story
October 2016
Friends Sarah Boville and Mandi Neiser found an opportunity to give back to women in need in their community. Inspired by another organization in the Toronto area, they decided to set up a Niagara area group and called it The Purse Project.

They began to collect purses from their friends and from people who found them on Facebook. They filled the purses with personal care items and then delivered these to women in need at local shelters in time for Christmas. A mother/daughter team, Marion Urquhart & Mindy Mauthe, based in Hamilton, heard about this new project and quickly jumped on board to also manage a Purse Project chapter in Hamilton.

October 2018
The October campaign brought another addition to the initiative as friends Gayla Matos and Jill MacKellar put their creative skills to work creating “Cards of Blessing” to go into every donated purse.

July 2019
Gayla & Jill decided to run a Purse Project campaign in Waterdown & Halton and collected over 500 purses in their first year.

January 2020
Mandi & Sarah stepped down from leading the organization and Gayla & Jill stepped up to take over as Co-Directors of The Purse Project Network. The word "Network" was added to the name in order to allow for greater flexibility in serving the needs in our community throughout the year other than with purses, yet maintaining the “spirit” of the Purse Project!
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Fill a Purse with LOVE and a Woman's Heart with HOPE
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